Precision Machining

Ranger offers a wide variety of precision machining capabilities for large and medium format projects. We can help you at every step of the process from initial planning to project management and product delivery. We turn up to 134" in diameter and mill up to 80" x 240" in size. We have a dedicated, well-equipped quality department with exceptional experience in dimensional inspection, NDE, traceability, and documentation. Equipment includes a 9' FARO arm, optical comparator, and a full range of calibrated mics, gauges, and calipers. 

Welding, Cladding, NDE

Ranger Machining provides on-site welding and cladding to meet your project specifications. We maintain a range of approved welding procedures, and are able to obtain new qualifications efficiently. Our processes include TIG, MIG, shielded metal arc (SMAW), submerged arc (SAW) and flux core arc welding (FCA). Ranger personnel carry out on-site NDE services including hardness, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing. We will retain third-parties to carry out other NDE services as required. 

BOP Repair and Recertification

Ranger Machining overhauls, repairs and recertifies BOPs and other pressure control equipment in compliance with OEM specifications and federal and state regulations. Ranger is qualified to test for NORM, disassemble, dimensionally inspect, machine, weld, clad, blast and paint. Through our Recert HQ system, we can help you plan, budget and execute your BOP and other repairs and recertifications with complete documentation and traceability. You can access your equipment records online at your desk or on your phone.

Ranger Machining Certifications, Safety and Quality Highlights

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • American Welding Society Member (AWS)
  • Petroleum Equipment and Services Association Member (PESA)
  • DNV and ABS On-Site Witness Available